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Etudes Apps enhance your existing learning management system to make teaching easier and learning more successful.

By Educators, for Educators
Etudes Apps are designed by experts in the field of online education, designed for educators, and your specific needs.
Non Profit
As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, our only constituents are you, the educators and your students.
We Listen
As we have been doing since 2002, we listen to your feedback, and respond quickly with changes and features. The rare problems you have found we have fixed within days. We are here for you, 24/7, to assure your success.
Etudes Apps are add-in tools that become an integral part of your LMS, by using IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards.
Canvas LMS
Etudes Apps are deeply integrated with Canvas LMS by Instructure. This enables Etudes apps to provide the best features and most seamless integration with the LMS.
Etudes Apps are fully hosted and managed, providing 24/7 secure, reliable and speedy access. Etudes Apps are powered by Amazon Web Services, the world's largest provider of cloud computing.
Etudes Apps are licensed on a yearly subscription basis, at affordable rates.
CourseEval HQ - Learn More

A great way to administer course evaluations.

CourseEval HQ adds easy to setup, powerful, online course evaluation to your LMS.

Easily and efficiently create and distribute student evaluation surveys campus-wide, within a division, or for a single course.
Survey participation and responses are kept completely anonymous.
Schedule online visits for course observation, automatically administered adding and removing the observer in the course by your established schedule.
Online and Integrated
Students participate in evaluations online, right in their LMS courses.
Easy and Informative
CourseEval HQ makes it easy to distribute and monitor course evaluations in one or many courses each term. There is no need to visit each course; all administration is done from the CourseEval HQ dashboard, found in the Account page of your LMS. Many steps of the process, such as notifying course instructors, students, observer and results recipients, are done automatically, with customizable messages.
Survey Results
Results of student surveys are automatically prepared and emailed to authorized recipients in an informative, easy to read, printable PDF format. Results are kept confidential, made available only to those you authorize.
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The Etudes team is always looking for the next great app to bring you, to make your teaching even better and easier, and to lead your students to even more success. Check back here for updates!

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